Honoring the Deeper Voices

Evin Carvill Ziemer

Spirit of Life,

Today, the advertising tells us what to buy for mom, instead help us listen to and honor the deeper voices.

Today, let us honor all of those who have made this world possible for us. Those who did the hard work of building a better world for future generations.

Today, let us honor the grief of those who have lost children, through miscarriage, stillbirth, death, those who long for children, and those for whatever reason cannot be in touch with their children this day.

Today, let us honor the grief of those who mourn for their parents, whether separated by death, dementia, or disconnection.

Today, let us honor those who fill in for missing mothering—fathers, grandparents, foster parents, aunts and uncles and more.

Today, let us honor the ways we have each been nurtured and mothered, by the mothers who gave birth to us, by the parents who raised us, by those many others who have supported and nurtured us, of all genders.

Today, let us honor those who survived damaging and traumatic mothering. Spirit of life, help them to heal. Let us remember that not every mother is ready for her children. Let us turn aside from the myths of motherhood on a pedestal and remember each parent is an imperfect human in need of more support than adulation, in need of our support.

Today, let us honor those who are doing the hard work of nurturing, striving to meet not only the physical needs, but the many deep and complicated emotional and spiritual needs. Spirit of life, nurture and sustain them so that they may be the nurturers you desire.

Today, let us honor all the ways each of us give to tomorrow, knowing there are multiple paths of meaning and more than one way to birth the future.

Today, with both joy and sorrow, let us be grateful for life, for the chance to love, for those who love us, and the opportunity to nurture the future.

May it be so. Amen.