Here I Am

Elaine Kiziah

May my wisest self
guide me through this day.

May she remind me
to look through eyes of wonder
and see the abundant beauty
of Here and Now.
to live from my toes up,
grounded on this precious earth
and in this miraculous body.
to open my heart,
flinging wide its shutters
so no defenses cut me off.
to employ my hands
to create beauty
to soothe suffering
and to unlock potentials.

Eyes, feet, heart, hands.
From here I can wake to my life and the gift that it is.
From here I can move through my day with simple ease.
From here I can spread compassion and love.
From here I can mend the world.

May I be in harmony today with the Current that flows through all,
and may I be a faithful expression of this Sacred Source.

Here I Am.

A woman, from above, sitting cross-legged on a bed with arms outstretched.