Add the Alleluias

Paul R Beedle

Let us contemplate the Spirit together:

Spirit of Life and Love, Justice and Peace:
Day in and day out wait weary tasks,
    burdens we lift again, worn paths we wear some more,
Want, and means worn thin, and fatigue—
Pain and grief, coldness of heart, bitter and weary days&mdash
Where we know desolation, how do we call forth hope?
When our hearts buried, sunken down, how do we dig out? rise up?
What healing touch do we long for?
What balm might we take and share?

Come what may, O Spirit of Life:
May we keep a ray of light, for our inward path;
a living water, in the depths of us;
a cleansing breath, at our core.
May we keep them for ourselves, and to share.
May we call forth from each other vitality and tenacity.
May love rest in us. May justice live through us.
May we have the touch to call others back
to life and love, justice and peace.
May we sing back their songs, and add the alleluias.

In the Spirit, by the Spirit, with the Spirit giving power, so may it be. Amen.
Let us enter into silence together.