Too often, God, we have ignored you

Amy McKenzie Quinn

Shall we pray?

Too often, God, we have ignored you. We have lived as though you didn't matter. We have denied the new life that you would have us embrace; we have perpetuated that which depletes life. Forgive us for hesitating when we knew action was the needed response. Forgive us also for neglecting the stillness and the silence. You know that we carry with us deep sadness, deep regrets; they drag us down, but we can't quite let go of them. Help us to release these leaden memories and move on. There have been times when we have felt ourselves to be out of balance, and so we pray that you would restore our sense of purpose and connection, for we are a part of you and bound to one another in struggle and love.

Yes, there are also times when we feel invigorated, awed, joyful; we give thanks for the gifts that deepen our lives and the love that keeps us going. Each of us has private hopes and fears; we bring them to you in the silence, for you know us fully and love us unconditionally.

And finally, we ask that you teach us how to keep you close, as you keep us close; ease our burdens and increase our energy; be with us as we struggle and as we celebrate. For our part, this is our pledge: we will live this week with a renewed spirit; we will do your work in the world. Amen and blessed be.